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Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)

This is a whole view about our cctv system that makes you feel safe at

anytime and anywhere , and building management system that have a

lot of advantages for your building ,this system is also called BMS , on

the other hand there is an air condition system which is designed for

you to enjoy ,and automatic control system which is a unique system


CCTV or Closed-circuit television, CCTV is the use of a video camera to

transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors,

The system of CCTV is common in many areas around the world, CCTV

helps people to feel safe, particularly at night. CCTV footage is one of

the most useful pieces of evidence that the police can use to identify

and catch criminals. CCTV cameras are also vital in helping to keep

customer-facing workers safe.

CCTV cameras can work as a strong deterrent for burglars and robbers,

as they know that they will be captured on camera. This will make your

home a lot less susceptible to break-ins, as compared with homes that

do not have a CCTV system installed, and provide more security for

your family and valuable assets.

There are a lot of CCTV cameras and here are The 9 most popular

types of CCTV cameras : (Dome CCTV Cameras,. Bullet CCTV Cameras,

C-Mount CCTV Cameras, PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom CCTV Cameras,

Day/Night CCTV Cameras, Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras,

Network/IP CCTV Cameras, Wireless CCTV Cameras.

When choosing a CCTV camera you should look for which CCTV is ideal

for me, and what is the best CCTV price, CCTV quality, and the reason

for using CCTV, this can help you choose the ideal CCTV.

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